Knee Pain in Camanche?

Chiropractic Camanche IA Knee Pain
Knee pain can vary from being simple to a very complex problem. It is a symptom you don’t want to just wait and see if it goes away on its own because it will likely return years later with much more difficult to resolve. Knee surgery, knee replacements, and cortisone shots have become very common, but are they necessary or even the best solution? Not always. Cortisone shots decrease inflammation, which can be beneficial, but they don’t usually address the cause of the irritation causing the inflammation (and there are long term side-effects). We’ve had many patients with knee pain remaining after surgery also. If you have been dealing with knee pain for some time now, reach out to the best chiropractor in Camanche.

Treating Knee Pain in Camanche

So what can be done for knee pain? Traditional chiropractic adjustments have been used for probably a hundred years now to alleviate knee problems. Sometimes the knee or knee meniscus needs to be adjusted for better alignment of the joint and for the meniscus tears to lining up to heal. Other times the problem lies in the foot or ankle joints or even the hip or pelvis and the knee pain is just from compensating, so adjusting other areas may resolve the problem. Muscles can shorten, weaken, or scar up to create tension at the knee resulting in pain also. Working on the leg muscles is sometimes very helpful for knee pain, and maybe why joint surgery often fails to alleviate the pain. We often check and work on tight leg or thigh muscles to resolve knee problems.

Laser therapy can greatly benefit the patient with knee joint problems. It helps decrease inflammation by stimulating the healing of the tissue. It also increases circulation which is helpful for tissues in the knee joint like the meniscus, which have little or no direct blood supply to deliver nutrients for healing. We’ve had patients’ knee pain resolve using laser therapy alone and we’ve also used it with adjustments and other techniques. The laser can be used in combination with ultrasound or electrotherapy also. The bottom line is that laser definitely speeds up the healing process. Taping and bracing are other beneficial therapies in some cases. If ligaments have been stretched too much, a brace may help bring stability.

Using Kinesio tape and special taping techniques with it often helps reduce pain and swelling and can greatly improve our ability to adjust the joint.

Orthotic shoe inserts can also be beneficial if there is any indication of weak arches or foot and ankle problems the knee may be compensating for. As you can see here there are many options for combinations of therapies for knee pain. Give us a call and have a knee exam done today!


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